Talent Training of Science and Technology Backyard-Leading the Future

◎ Combining universities and local organizations to jointly establish talent training platform in frontlines of production and form national graduate training network

◎ Combing theory and practice to develop “Three Stage” new training models to improve practical skills and overall quality

◎ Emphasizing both scientific research and service to improve scientific research capability while resolving problems and training compound high quality talents

◎ Improving both passion and ability to train talents loving  agriculture during the process of solving farmer’s challenges and provide salts of the earth for modern agriculture


Cultivating passion for agriculture at the frontlines of production
Graduate students work at the frontline of production for long time and get closely connected with farming community, with a good understanding of farming situations and farmer’s challenges, making them to have passion, responsibility and mission for agriculture


 Improving scientific research quality in practice
“From practice, to practice”,  the graduate students select research topics from agricultural production and take foot in frontlines of production to do research together with farmers. They identify, analyze and solve problems, which train them to have high research quality


 Increasing overall quality in social services
Combining scientific research and services, changes in multiple roles (students, scientific farmers, extension agents,  trainers, and intern cadres, etc.)broaden their eyesight, help them experience different lives, train their mental strengths and  improve their practical skills and overall quality


National Teaching Achievement Award

Recognized by Chairman Zhengsheng Yu of CPPCC

Front page highlight by China Education Daily