The Women’s Science and Technology backyard

     In recent years, as the male labors shifting to non-agriculture industry, a special group- rural remaining women was formed in rural district of China. And rural women are becoming the main force of agricultural production, promoting the rural economic and social development.
    We, as the female postgraduates needed to conduct experiments and investigations in Quzhou base found that 68.92% of rural women think that they make more contribution to agricultural production, 15.5% higher than their husbands. The surveys also show that rural women's overall cultural and scientific qualities are low, but they are eager to get technical training.
    At the same time, the proportion of female postgraduate in university, especially in agricultural colleges, rises in recent years. It shows that female graduate students are playing more and more important role in agricultural technology extension.
    So how to apply the scientific theory grasped by female graduates into practice and realize the female students own value are becoming an important link of graduate student’s training today.We must set an agricultural technology extension system to make the two special groups joint, to be able to make more contribution to China agricultural production. So we female postgraduate in CAU set up the Women’s Science and Technology backyard in Fanli village in Quzhou of Hebei province. 

Three founders --lovely female postgraduate in Quzhou base

The present of the female farmer field school also the hostess of the yard and me
    As the name implies, the rural women are the main objects. So the women’s science and technology backyard is very different from other agricultural technology extension system. We not only teach them agricultural technology to increase their yields, to help them to make more money but also pay attention to their inner quality, health and mentality, to make self-providing, even do something according calling, help them how to live a good life.
    In order to play the function of women’s science and technology backyard better and solve the problem the women met in time, we also started a female farmer field school to supplement the works of the backyard. We recruit fixed students-and our president is the hostess of the yard, so it is easy to find that our backyard and field school is set up in the famer’s home. That’s very special. And we hold our training every 1-2 weeks according to the problems of the key periods of different crops. The forms of our courses are various, such as indoor training or field viewing.
    After a period of time, our present and excellent students of the field school were becoming a Technology Evangelist,they can teach other farmers the new technology. Our ultimate objective is not only this small group of women, but considering the current situation in most rural district-we hope it can promote these women's production enthusiasm at first, then improve their agricultural and even cultural and scientific quality. At last appeal other villages by their power, even drive the development of agriculture of the whole county.

The women are having indoor training

The present Wang Jiuju is giving training
    Besides fixed training courses, we also hold a lot of activities in the field, through some live shows and explanation of the principle and operation methods of the instrument machine is introduced and demonstration of operation process, in to make up for the lack of indoor classes. It is able to fully mobilize students' scientific learning enthusiasm. In, addition, also let the students know the importance of protecting national food security and improve their consciousness of scientific farming.