Technology Innovation and Social Service of Science and Technology Backyard-First Class Research and Down-to-Earth Service

Long-term rooted in the countryside, identifying production limiting factors, innovating and localizing high yield high efficiency technologies
Fully integrated with farmers, conducting participatory technology innovation and forming integrated, simple and easy to use yet effective technologies
Providing “4 zero” services, innovating organization and management models, developing low cost high efficiency technology extension systems
Combining all sources of force,  engaging government and industries,  developing new multi-party participatory service mechanisms


 Farmer-participated technology innovation increased technology effectiveness and practicability Established attractive, attitude changing, knowledge strengthening, behavior changing, and environment optimizing 5-step new technology extension  model Multi-source service providing systems making better use of different resources and advantages

Trained over 1000 S&T farmers, developed 44 applied integrated technology systems

 Established over 60 demonstration plots, made over 400 extension posters,  organized over 120 field days, directly served over 20000 farmers, and demonstrated and extended technologies in over 6.7 million ha

Supported over 60 farmer cooperatives, serviced 6 large companies, and established National STB Association with 29 universities and research organizations.