National Science and Technology Network

STB has received recognitions from different levels of government, enterprises, and farmers, including National Teaching Achievement Award, recognition of national leaders,  being listed as sustainable agricultural development model by UN, related results being published in high impact journals like Nature and becoming a model for the world.



Network Members:

China Ag. Univ.              
Henan Ag. Univ.

Ag. Univ. of Hebei          
Northwest A&F Univ.

Shandong  Ag. Univ.       
Zhejiang Univ.

Nanjing Ag. Univ.           
Yunnan Ag. Univ.

Jilin Ag. Univ.                
Anhui Col. of Sci. & Tech.

Qingdao Ag. Univ.          
Southwest  Univ.
Northeast Ag. Univ.
Shihezi Univ.

Inner Mongolia Ag. Univ.
Sichuan Ag. Univ.

Guangxi Univ.                 
Huazhong Ag. Univ.

Fujian A&F Univ.           
Hainan Univ.         

Gansu Acad. of Ag. Sci.  
Hebei Acad. of Ag. & For. Sci.

Anhui Acad. of Ag. Sci.   
Shanxi Acad. of Ag. Sci.

Sichuan Acad. of Ag. Sci.
HLJ Acad. of Ag. Sci.

Jilin Acad. of Ag. Sci.      
SD Acad. of Ag. Sci.

Xinjiang Ecology and Geography Institute of CAS


National Agri-Tech Extension Service  Center

Quzhou County, Lishu County, Laoling County

HLJ and Jiansanjiang Bureau of Land Reclamation

Beijing Bureau of Agriculture

Hubei Xinyangfeng Fertilizer, LTD

Anhui Sierte Fertilizer, LTD

Yunnan Yuntianhua , LTD

Huangxi Zinsui Agriculture Group Co., LTD

Shanxi Tianji Meihuagong Group

Sinofert Holding LTD


College of Resources and Environmental Sciences, China Agricultural University
Resources, Environment, and Food Security Center, China Agricultural University

Address: No.2, Yuanmingyuan West Road, Beijing