Welcome to Guangxi Jinsui Science and Technology Backyard!

  Guangxi Jinsui Science and Technology Backyard (STB) was established by Resource, Environment and Food Security Center (REFSC), China Agricultural University (CAU) and Guangxi Jinsui Agriculture Group Co., Ltd, featuring the first STB to coorporate with agricultural production enterprise. Jinsui STB was founded in February 2012. Chairman Yizhen Lu, President Zihai Lin, Professor Fusuo Zhang (REFSC) and Professor Rongfeng Jiang (REFSC) make strategic decisions, and Vice President Rongkai Lu and Professor Xiaolin Li manage the general work. With the speeding up of modern agriculture enterprise development in China, transforming high and new agricultural technology into productivity has become the primary limiting factor in modern tropical and subtropical planting enterprises. Whether enterprises could realize optimization of farming and agronomy management system and innovation of production technology as early as possible are directly related to competitiveness of the enterprise in the future. The No.1 document of central authorities in 2012 pointed out that science and technology play an important role in modern agriculture in China. In this context, Guangxi Jinsui STB was born at the right moment.

  Guangxi Jinsui Agriculture Group is a leading national agricultural enterprise focusing on high-tech agriculture, which enjoys great popularity in banana industry in China. CAU, as the top agricultural university in China, plays a significant role in innovation, technology and scientific research in agriculture. The two organizations joining hands marked the dynamic integration between national top agricultural enterprise and top agricultural technology. Therefore, Jinsui STB has some distinctive features in the national STB network, and it has drawn wide attentions from leaders and colleagues.

  From the perspective of enterprise development, graduate students living in the backyard can offer advanced technology to enterprise or conduct related experiments, and evaluate the new technology more accurately. Their ingenuity and support from CAU could establish a more perfect technology development system for enterprise. According to enterprise’s demand, they carry out relevant scientific research and form a new technology system from practice, which can directly be applied to production. From the perspective of science development, the establishment of Jinsui STB is aimed at exploring STB model’s function in modern agricultural plantation enterprises and accumulating experience in order to promote this model in the future. Jinsui STB established a professional master student training approach, the purpose of which is to explore a new way to train graduate students for enterprise. Through the postgraduate’s exploration and practice, they can summarize some new practical technology which can be applied to agricultural production. It will promote the development of high yield and high efficiency modern agriculture.

  The operation way of Jinsui STB includes two parts, practice and research. The practical field is Langwan banana base, postgraduates can bury themselves into practical production, learn practical skills, discover scientific problems, arrange field experiments, optimize and innovate technology. Besides, other major branch bases of the group and industry alliance farms all allow students to participate in the practice of STB. Scientific research institution is located in corporate headquarters, which consists of Out of Campus Graduate Training Base, Production Technology Department, Guangxi Jinsui Banana Industry Central Laboratory for innovation and technology where postgraduates can summarize the enterprise production experiences and carry out scientific research. 

  Until September 2016, there have been 2 doctoral students and 9 master students working in Jinsui STB. Up to now, students in the backyard have obtained 16 patents, published 23 articles and 2 books. Besides, cumulative revenue for the company has reached 1 million or so. Now the students in the STB play an extremely important role in various fields of the group. And we believe through our efforts, the future of Guangxi Jinsui STB will bring you more surprise. Let’s wait and see!