Africa -STB Master Program of CAU

The Science and Technology Backyard (STB) master program for Africa (Africa-STB) is initiated by China Agricultural University based on the ten-years’ practice in China. It has demonstrated considerable success in increasing crop production with high resource use efficiency, while also empowering smallholder farmers. After 10 years of experimentation, more than 100 STBs were established in China’s villages. Many NGOs (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Bank, etc.) are interested in transferring STBs to Africa and setting up the suitable ones in African countries. The program will introduce a novelty model of transferring STB to Africa by mobilizing multi-sector’s advantages, including the power of governments, enterprises and knowledge hubs in Africa.



To develop technology innovation and knowledge transfer in rural area with the STB model and empower smallholder farmers in Africa. The sub-objectives are as follows:

(1) To develop a novelty model of conducting technology innovation in Africa’s rural area and make knowledge localized to Africa;

(2) To develop a new model of knowledge transfer for empowering smallholder farmers and to enhance agriculture transforming towards sustainable intensification in Africa;

(3) To foster high-level young people working in agriculture for sustainable development.


Working plan of the program

The key point of this proposal is combined the talent training in China and STB transfer in African countries. 30 master students will be recruited from Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Zambia, Nigeria, and, Burkina Faso in 2019 Semester.

The “1+1+1” training arrangement will be employed for these students. In the first year, the students should stay in China for theory learning, courses and practical skill from STBs. The students will master the basic skills of agronomy and propose how to build a STB in Africa.

 In the second year, these students will go to African countries to build a new STB with the help of supervisors, local government, company and NGOs (BMF, etc.). they will make investigation, do field trials and service to local farmer based on program and local conditions. And they will get some data from farmer survey and field trails in farmers’ field for their thesis. In the third year, the students will go back to China and finish their thesis. After graduated from CAU, they will go back and help to push agriculture transformation in Africa.


Training Courses

Some courses, compulsory and elective, will be provided for these 30 M.A. students

Compulsory courses: Chinese, China’s culture, etc.

Elective courses: Nutrient management, crop science, etc.



This is a full scholarship which covers tuition fees, accommodation ( in campus dormitory (a twin room)), stipend(CNY 3,000 per month), comprehensive medical insurance(Please visit or and refer to Comprehensive Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in China for insurance policy.). International travel cost will be burned by the applicant.

Note: The final approval of this scholarship application is subject to the final evaluation of the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC).


Criteria and Eligibility 
To be eligible, applicants must:

(1)    be a citizen of a country other than the People’s Republic of China, and be in good health;

(2)    be a bachelor’s degree holder under the age of 35 when applying for master’s degree programs;

(3)    Applicant has relatively strong academic background in the field he/she intends to apply.

(4)    Majoring in Agronomy, Plant Protection, Environmental Science, Agricultural Resources, Agricultural Economy, Soil Science, Crop Cultivation, Horticulture (Olericulture, Pomology), Plant Nutrition, and so on.

(5)    Certification of English Proficiency: The applicants should have an excellent English proficiency to be able to accomplish the study. The TOEFL score of 80 points at least, or IELTS score at least 6.0, or other relevant certificates of English as the working and learning language for university study.


Application Procedure

(1)   Complete the online application procedure at CGS Information Management System for International Students (Visit and click “Application Online” to log in), submit online the completed Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship, and print a hard copy. Please type in agency No. 10019 for CAU and choose Program Type B.

(2) CAU Application Form for International Students (Visit to log in), submit online the completed;

(3) Please keep tracking your application status after submission;

(4) Contact Information: Ms. DU Xiaoyu, International Student Scholarship Officer, further questions. 

(5) The deadline to receive the application documents is: June 30 of 2019